PVC High Speed Mixer


PROCESS Hot mixing (Temperature is elevated to friction generated during high speed Mixing Process)

Product PVC compound

Motor 20HP/15KW (Reputed Make)

Electric Supply 3 Phase 415 V

Tool Speed 500 to 1000 RPM – (AC drive optional)

Type of tooling 2 tier type to tool structure.

Charge batch capacity 40 kg (depending on the recipe and raw materials)

Batch Timing 10-12 mins (depending on the recipe and the raw materials).

Gross Volume of vessel 130 ltr (useful volume is 70% of gross volume i.e. 130Ltr x 70%=91 Ltr.

Maximum Batch Size Approx. 91 Ltr. X 0.5 material density = 45.5kg/batch

Mixer Container Inner part of the vessel is made from SS 304 and outer part is made from graded mild steel. It is equipped with temperature sensor and provided with water circulation system for cooling. The container is designed specially to remove moisture by means of generating sufficient heat due to friction. Thus resulting into free flowing dry mixing.

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