Based on many years understandings and experience in plastic packing industry, we have the outstanding performance in roller manufacturing for PVC film. Roller, especially the mirror roller, is an important integral part of PVC film. The rule is that the more smooth and precise of the roller surface, the better products can be produced. We are trying best to gain the smallest tolerance. We can provide the different kind of special inner flow structures. The roller which has the spiral inner flow channel is a high tech product, this roller has a very good heat exchange ability and this roller can reach the minimum temperature fluctuation which is allowed in production


  • Diameter Up to - 700 mm
  • Length Up to - 3000 mm
  • Surface Roughness 0.01 micron
  • Chrome Thickness Up to 250 micron
  • Design Double Shell Mono Flow or Duo-Flow
  • Maximum roughness of the surface 0.005 – 0.01um
  • Roundness coaxiality 0.01mm

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